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Excellent service, very thorough. The seller’s realtor asked us not to use Troy. After the inspection, I can only surmise it is because he is so thorough and has amazing attention to detail.

Samual D.

Very professional and efficient. The thoroughness of the report was incredible and considering it was an older home there were many items to evaluate. I would definitely recommend to anybody needing a home inspection.

Todd H

Thorough and knowledgeable home inspectors. Pleased with the overall professionalism from the website to the inspection report. Originally a skeptic of the need for a new house inspection but now glad I did.

Jon S.

Troy added me into his schedule on short notice and conducted an inspection with enthusiasm and attention to detail regardless of his prior three inspections. Troy gave his report shortly thereafter and spoke to only what he saw in a manner befitting a true professional. Without reservation I recommend Troy or his apprentice Chris.

Nelson A

My Buyer and I were very happy with Home Inspections Plus. They were prompt efficient and advised what were safety items and what were merely maintenance. He explained what the simplest way to fix problems were and did not make a big deal about any shortcomings in the home. I have used for both my buyers and sellers and have always been please with his work.

Arleen M

Home Inspections Plus+ LLC was very thorough and detail-oriented. Troy went above and beyond a typical home inspection patiently taking the time to explain everything that he was seeing to ensure that I understood what he was describing. His thorough explanation aided me in feeling comfortable in buying the home and avoiding any unforeseen surprises. His report was top notch and descriptive. Highly recommend!

Adam R.

Setting up an appointment on line was so easy. Troy is very knowledgeable about the up to date building codes and practices. He explains and educates along the inspection process. His report is very organized. By far the best inspector we have found!

Jessica S.

Troy was thorough and took time to explain things with us. He was upbeat and made the experience fun!

Erin S.

I had a great time learning about the house and Troy was very knowledgeable. He took the time to explain things in greater detail. Very efficient!

Devon R.

You were very thorough and I appreciated you taking the extra time to explain things to me without making me feel dumb. Your report was also thorough, organized, and easy to read.

Angela M.

Amazing job by Troy Bloxom and his entire team. I appreciate his professional tutorial style and direct approach. No hidden agenda just candor and a well mannered approach to ensuring the home you buy is suitable and safe.

Jason G.

I was extremely impressed with my home inspection for my new home. Troy was very good about finding out about my house as well as taking the time to educate me on different aspects of home repair that I needed to be aware for the future. The inspection was thorough and the report was easy to read and very clear and concise.

Mary G.

Thank you very much for the excellent work you have provided and for educating me on my home that I am buying. You are very thorough and your report shows your expertise in the work that you do. It was a pleasure working with you and Creta. I would definitely recommend you to anyone considering at home purchase. Thank you very much.

Vangie S.

Troy and his wife, Creta, are wonderful people as well as their office personal. They are always responsive and most importantly educative. I really enjoy working with them and I will continue to send buyer’s and seller’s their way. If you want to know as much as possible about your home have Troy inspect it!

Jessica B.

Troy was a Joy to work with! I highly recommend Home Inspections Plus. Troy was very thorough and made all of our questions his priority. I feel very comfortabl buying this home now !

Katie J.

We feel so comfortable now after our inspection, Troy is the best.

James G.

Troy and Creta were wonderful to work with! Being our first home buying experience, we really didn’t know what to expect, or how the process worked. From our first interaction, not only did Creta explain everything in a very easy to understand way, she shared in our excitement. At the time of the inspection, Troy was on top of it! Literally! He has already completed the roof inspection by the time our appointment started. Troy took the time to educate us on the home we are buying. We thank you both so much for your hard work and dedication to quality service, and for making our first experience such a breeze!

Kyle & Caitlyn

Home inspections plus is our preferred company that we always recommend to our clients. Not only do we recommend them but we personally use their services for our own home and our children’s homes.

Lonnie L.

I love how Troy’s reports are so thorough, they really help us on free home inspections to make sure everything is covered prior to listing a home.

Ava A.

Troy, Creta, and crew came to me highly recommended for their thoroughness and experience. I did not expect to find any issues in the newer (5 years old) home I was purchasing, but Troy’s inspection found numerous safety and structural problems that required repair! In less than 24 hours, Troy submitted a well documented report (with photos) of the issues found. Troy’s report was crucial in getting the sellers to make the necessary repairs before my purchase, I hired Troy to do a follow-up inspection of the repairs, and his closeout report was delivered in less than 24 hours. Excellent service, communication, and education; I highly recommend Troy and Creta Bloxom and Home Inspection Plus+ for anyone considering a home purchase!

Ali M

I was really impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of Troy and his company. Troy inspected a 16 year old house that we were in the process of purchasing. It was evident that Troy knows just about everything there is to know about a home from top to bottom. This was our 5th home purchase, but Troy was able to explain some things about the home that I was not aware of. He was punctual and very timely with his 30+ page inspection report (less than 12 hours.) We used his report to have the seller make multiple repairs prior to purchase. I would highly recommend Troy and Home Inspections Plus to anyone considering a home inspection. Home inspections are not cheap, but in our case it saved us thousands of dollars in repairs we otherwise would have been unaware of. Thanks Troy!

Ethan A.

It was a great process! Had two done and both inspections went fabulous! Quick and honest people. Thank you so much I love my home!!

Pamela R.